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Our Philosophy is simple... it’s all about the client! We identify our clients' needs, determine the best way to service those needs + then do the best job possible to perform those services + provide MAXXimum results.

Our Clients... We work with real estate investors, builders/developers, first-time buyers and experienced buyers + sellers who want best-in-class service + MAXXimum results in real estate marketing, sales, leasing, lifestyle + property management.

About Us... HOUSE OF MAXX is a full service real estate boutique comprised of talented commercial + residential real estate professionals who combine their unique skill sets to create an award winning team. With 20+ years of experience in marketing, sales + leasing, property management, home staging + interior design, we provide our clients with MAXXimum Results.

HOUSE OF MAXX transcends just selling real estate... we strive to develop long-term partnerships + provide ongoing services to our clients.

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