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Hi, I'm Maxx... short for MAXXimum Overdrive.  That's my given name, because like our Sales Executives + other team members, I am always on the GO, GO, GO!  

My mom founded HOUSE OF MAXX REAL ESTATE in 2017 after losing me to an aggressive form of canine cancer.  Don't be sad... I had a great life + now I even have a company named after me.  If you'd like to donate to one of the same animal non-profits as my mom, just click the links below or give her a call + she'd be happy to talk to you about them.  

As for me, I still like to cause a little mischief.  And, I check in on my mom + siblings every now and then... I'll be waiting for them on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge when the time is right.

Best -

MAXXimum (a.k.a. Chief Mischief Maker, the OG, + King of the Toys)

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